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We are a producer of water intake points and decorative rainwater tanks that are used in outdoor space around the building.

Our products are manufactured in the rotomoulding process of high density polyetylene resistant to UV rays, which is 100% recyclable.

The selected production method guarantees a stable and strong structure of our products.

The above mentioned advantages, the appropriately selected color of the material and fittings make them top-class products that perfectly fulfill their function and decorate the surroundings.

weight: ~ 4,75 kg



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Water intake point

The water intake point is the perfect solution for all those who need access to water in the open area.

In the basic version, it can be equipped with one or two inlet taps. In the premium version it can be equipped with a proximity sensor that automaically opens the valve and thus the water outflow. The use of two water taps at one point of water intake allows You to wash Yours hands at the same time or fill any vessel with water while a garden hose can be connected to the other tap, e.g. to water the lawn.

To supply water to the wter intake point You can choose from two different connection options:

- quick coupler to which a garden hose can be connected,

- PE connector to which a PE pipe can be permanently connected. The possibility of permanent connection makes the water intake point a perfect, extremely practical and aesthetic ending of the entire rainwater management system, enabling the use of the water stored in the tank as water connected to the water supply system.

In a special production process, an extremaly thick (~ 7mm) wall is obtained, thanks to which the structure of the water intake point is very durable and stable. Mounting holes are made in the base which simplifies the method of fixing the water intake point to a solid base. The water intake point is available in 16 variants in graphite and sand color.     

Decorative rainwater barrel BioBarrel500

The decorative rainwater tank BioBarrel500 is used in the space around the house, introducing an extremely stylish atmosphere. Thanks to a properly selected material, it is extremely resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, thus ensuring its functioning for many years.

BioBarrel500 can hold up to 500 liters of rainwater - 50 full 10 liter watering cans - which guarantees the possibility of using rainwater for a long time, even in the absence of rainfall.

As standard, the barrel is equipped with a brass tap valve 3/4 'and an extremely solid, also brass bushing, which enables an extremely simple assembly and disassembly of the tap.

Due diligence in reproducing every detail makes BioBarrel500 difficult to distinguish from a wooden oak barrel. The original fittings around the barrel are also important in the appearance of the entire tank.

It is available in graphite and brown.

All this makes the decorative rainwater barrel BioBarrel500 perfectly fit into the image of any building, regardless of its character.

BioBarrel500 Dekoracyjna beczka na wodę deszczową
BioBarrel500 Dekoracyjna beczka na wodę deszczową
BioBarrel500 Dekoracyjna beczka na wodę deszczową
BioBarrel500 Dekoracyjna beczka na wodę deszczową

Technical data:

available configurations:

weight: ~ 20 kg

BioBarrel500 Dekoracyjna beczka na wodę deszczową

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